Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I’ve Got Baseball Fever

Monday night was the opening game of the 2016 season for my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. Baseball has long been known as our national pastime and it also provides the most athletic metaphors in the English language. Whether or not you are a fan, we ALL speak baseballese just about every day, and all year round.
Here are a dozen examples I have used:
  1. We're not making a bit of progress with this project. We can't even get to first base.
  2. Your theology is off the wall. You're way out there in left field.
  3. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others are born with two strikes against them.
  4. Everybody's so enthusiastic about your proposal. You just hit a home run.
  5. I know you can't give me an exact price, but can you give me a ballpark figure?
  6. Chris Matthews of MSNBC is so serious, the name of his show is Hardball.
  7. On Broadway, the new musical "Hamilton” is a smash hit.
  8. I promise I'll consult you before I make any decisions. I'll be sure to touch base with you.
  9. I can't meet you today, but can I take a rain check?
  10. Let's act quickly tomorrow. Let's do it right off the bat in the morning.
  11. Melissa McCarthy is such a wild and wacky woman – she’s a real screwball.
  12. When I can’t preach I might ask Pastor Derek to pinch hit for me.

Yes, we use baseball metaphors a lot. Even in christianspeak we talk about “sacrifice”, relief pitchers getting credit for a “save” and the object of the hitter is to make it to our heavenly “home”.
God loves you, sent his Son Jesus to die for you and has been thinking of you and baseball since that start of creation because of course it was, “In the BIG INNING God created the heaven and the earth”. Genesis 1:1 ☺
Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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