Friday, August 5, 2016

PK’s Blog Is Back!

After a two month hiatus for a much needed vacation and study leave, I have resumed writing PK’s Blog. I figured out that over the last 14 years I had sent out over 3500 of these daily e-devotions and that I needed a break.
During the early part of June my wife Debbie and I hosted our four grandchildren for nearly three weeks. After that I took some time off to pray, read, reflect, study and help design a successful succession plan for Pastoral Leadership at C3 in the years to come. In addition, I read extensively about the launching and administering of a thriving ministry to mature adults.
In resuming these blogs I will be posting one every Friday morning. C3’s e-news weekly will continue to be sent out on Tuesdays, updating you on what’s happening each week at C3. Both communiques’ are also available on our C3 Hays app.
Debbie and I also had an opportunity to visit five different local congregations on the five Sundays in July. Each of them was unique and faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ but I must confess that after each service we longed to return to our church family to worship, fellowship, grow serve and share. What I am about to say I have believed for the last twenty years, ”There is NO other congregation quite like Celebration Community Church”!
This Sunday I will be returning to C3’s platform to kick off a new series in conjunction with the Olympic games. We’ve entitled the series “Running the Good Race” and in it we will be comparing the training, discipline and perseverance of a world class athlete to that of a Christian striving to run the race of life with power and purpose.
I will be speaking at all 4 weekend services on Saturdays at 5pm and Sunday at 8:30, 10, and 11:30am.
It is great to be back!
Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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