Friday, September 30, 2016

Homecoming 2016

It is Homecoming weekend here in Hays Kansas as the Hays High Indians and the Fort Hays State University Tigers both battle their opponents on the home turf at Lewis Field on Friday and Saturday. There will be parades, tailgate parties, dances, class reunions and lots of fun for all.
Throughout the football season our youth and college ministries reach out each week to encourage their respective teams. Our CrossCurrent High School ministry prepares a supper for the players and coaches the night before each game where Conor Nichol and Nick Eiden speak to the team about how football and faith are intertwined. Jeff Burnett of our Encounter College Ministry meets with the Tigers at a pregame meal and pumps them up with inspiring words from God’s word. I am looking forward to all of the Homecoming hoopla this weekend in Hays but as I get older I am finding myself looking forward to another Homecoming.
Seeing all of the turmoil happening in our world events today got me thinking again that I am merely on the visiting team of this planet. This place is not my home. I don’t really own a single thing that matters. I have lots of stuff here but that is all it is. Stuff. What really matters is my faith, my family and those relationships that make this game of life worthwhile and will go on with me into eternity.
Jesus talked about homecoming and He was not talking about an athletic contest or a dance. He talked about a final homecoming; a homecoming where we will all be reunited with fellow alumni who have all put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. But while we are waiting for that homecoming parade; “Lets train well against our opponent, play the game with purpose and passion and lets be victorious for His Team!"
Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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