Friday, September 23, 2016

"What is the purpose of a Christian school?"

Four years ago when we began Victory Christian Academy at Celebration Community Church we asked ourselves the foundational question:  "What is the purpose of a Christian school?"
The answer we arrived at is that we believe a school's ultimate purpose should be to equip children to understand the truth about life, the world, and their place in it. We also believe that in order to understand these truths, the deeper questions regarding the meaning and purpose of life cannot be ignored.  The curriculum of public education cannot guide students through these deeper questions of life, because it cannot use the Word of God as its standard of truth. Christian Schools in general and VCA specifically seek to equip students to recognize the Lordship of Christ in all subject areas of learning, and to respond in obedience to His call to be transforming influences in society. A school not only shapes a child's mind, but also influences their hearts.
Keeping a private school Christian School operating is a daunting task and that is why I am asking our Celebration Community Church family to support VCA in three ways.
#1 Direct students through elementary school to VCA. If you know of any incoming pre-schoolers and kindergarteners whom we can start off connected to the VCA family, be sure to encourage them to check out VCA.
#2 Support with your prayers and financial contributions. If you can see the value of private Christian education being offered through our church’s school, then we would ask that you please make a financial contribution to VCA for the 2016-2017 school year. Your donation would allow us to continue to meet our bare bones budget and provide for our exceptional teachers while maintaining our excellent Christian curriculum.
#3 Purchase McDonald’s Coupon Books from one of VCA’s kids this weekend in the C3 Lobby. Each $5 coupon book you purchase is valued at $20 and VCA gets to keep the entire amount you donate.
Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration and generous support in this crucial time.
If you have questions at all please contact me.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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