Monday, September 1, 2014

Celebrate Labor Day

After an extremely busy week and weekend I looked forward to a day off today, Labor Day. Please do not get me wrong, I love what I do, and all that is involved with it. I enjoy teaching the Bible, preaching the Word, leading a staff, baptizing believers (we baptized 40 believers yesterday) dedicating babies (Pastor Brant dedicated 5 baby yesterday ) 
I enjoy promoting outreach events, working side by side with others on work projects or cooking meals for our college group. I love officiating at weddings and funerals (I will be attending one tonight), working within the community. I even enjoy counseling with people who are in need, visiting with families in the hospital, and writing these devotionals each weekday for you.

How do you feel about your job? Are you pleased with what you are doing or do you suspect God would prefer you in some type of "full-time Christian service"? It is important for you to resolve this issue because work is so central to life.
I remember reading, “Your Work Matters to God “by Doug Sherman which demonstrates biblically just how important secular work really is to God. 

Once you realize how many different ways there are to influence your coworkers for Christ (without preaching a word), you'll be challenged to develop a lifestyle so striking and true, the people you work with will be eager to let you talk about what makes you different.

Just because God may not call you to vocational ministry does not mean you and your work are insignificant! As a matter fact, more Christians need to see their current jobs as God's place for them to minister to others for His glory! So when we return back to work tomorrow remember God has placed you there for a purpose.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,


Praise Report: 40 Believers were baptized on Sunday as a part of our 5th Sunday festivities. Thank you for Luke &  Julisa  Haines for hosting us at their pond and for providing lunch for all. 

Another Praise Report
Last Sunday as we did with our first building loan, we have again  paid off our loan 
with Golden Belt Bank in less than half the length of the loan! By paying this off 
early, we saved $321,300 in interest! Celebration Community Church is DEBT FREE!  
Thank you, church, for your generous giving and commitment to C3’s growth and 
fulfillment of our 2020 vision to reach Hays, KS and beyond with the life-giving 
message of Jesus Christ!

Pictured are some C3 Board Members who joined Pastors Kyle & Brant on the platform at all 5 of our services Sunday to “burn our mortgage”

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