Friday, September 5, 2014

SONflower Brunch

Like sunflowers that grow beautifully in Kansas soil so do the women of Celebration Community Church who are planted and nurtured in God’s fertile fields.  One of the unique characteristics of sunflowers is that they turn toward the sun, their source of light and strength. This is exactly what Katherine Burnett encourages women to do as she leads Celebrating Women, C3’s ministry to women. Katherine is an inspiring organizer, successful business owner, realtor, loving wife, dedicated mother, and spiritually gifted Biblical teacher who was called to Celebration  a couple of years ago to help turn our women toward the life giving power of the Son. This weekend Katherine, DeLynn Rice and a van full of Celebration women are in Colorado Springs at a Joyce Meyer Conference. 

Next Saturday Katherine is inviting all women to“SONflowers” Ladies Brunch with special Guest Speaker, Dr. Mirta Martin the new President of Fort Hays State University.

From 10am until noon, women of all ages will be treated to a wonderful meal, an opportunity to engage in fun filled fellowship, make meaningful relationships and learn about the growth God is calling the women of Celebration Community Church to experience in Christ.   

My wife Debbie will be on hand doing what she does best, seeing  that all women are  welcomed, included, and receive emotional support in order to grow in their relationships with God and develop healthy, positive, uplifting relationships with other women.

The reason Katherine and her team are so committed is in hope that the women of C3 will grow spiritually in order to better serve Christ and His church as we fullfil our mission to this community and beyond.  
RSVP for SONflowers TODAY by contacting Katherine at or by calling 785-432-1360.Child care is available.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,


Don’t’ miss part 2 this Sunday learn that small changes in the way we think will make a BIG difference in how we feel.

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