Thursday, December 4, 2014

Start a New Habit TODAY


"Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace, according to your word;
for my eyes have seen your salvation".  Luke 2:29-30
I have heard psychologists declare that habits, whether good or bad, are made or broken in 21 days. With that in mind I want to invite you on an Advent journey with me from now until Christmas as we "Rediscover the Christmas Season". With help and thanks to a You Version devotional, we will look at the significant characters in the greatest story ever told, the coming of Christ and the first Christmas.
Each weekday this blog will include four elements for you to interact with the Bible story. Exposure, Exploration, Expression, and Experience.  
For example, as we begin today look up in the New Testament,  Luke 2:21-40
Exposure: Read the account of two people (Simeon and Anna) who waited every day in the Temple for the Messiah's  arrival.
Exploration: Think about these two people who were blessed by seeing God's Savior with their own eyes. How can your life reflect this kind of anticipation?
Expression: Think about how you anticipate Christmas. How much of this feeling of excitement is centered on the arrival of Christ?
Experience: Ask God to open your eyes so your vision of Jesus becomes clearer than it has ever been. Ask God to make you more aware of what it means to live your life with the expectation of the Advent of Jesus.
Devote time each day to take in the Christmas story and its relevance for your life as a great ADVENTure. Let's experience it fully this Christmas season and solidify the good habit of engaging God's powerful word EVERY DAY.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
Ladies, you don't want to miss this!
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C3 COLBY WORK DAYS This Friday & Saturday.
Help get our church in Colby ready for their first Christmas Eve service.
Contact brant@celebratejesus.or if you can help.

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Annual Congregational Meeting Sunday December 14th 5pm

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