Friday, August 22, 2014

More than a Few Good Men

Last Sunday Pastor Brant Rice and I taught on the subject of being ”like” Jesus. We did not teach the syrupy Sunday School version of “gentle Jesus meek and mild” but rather portrayed Jesus as he really was. A rebel, a radical, a man’s man.
Some years ago after reading David Murrow’s book” Why Men Hate Going to Church”, I realized that most people assume that men are just less religious than women, but this is untrue. Other religions have little trouble attracting males. Jesus was a magnet to men. But today, few men are living for Christ, even as many are dying for Allah. Why do rival faiths inspire male allegiance, while ours breeds male indifference?” I think it is because most churches offer a safe, nurturing community, an oasis of stability and predictability. Studies show that women and seniors are the groups most likely to seek these things. Our comforting congregations provide women with what they long for, so naturally they show up in large numbers. 

On the other hand, men and young adults are drawn to risk, challenge and daring. While our official mission is one of adventure, the actual mission of most congregations is making people feel comfortable and safe – especially longtime members. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE AT C3!.

We regularly challenge men to strive to become better husbands and fathers, to combat addictions like pornography and work-a-holism, to serve through ministry and missions and to fellowship through small groups, and softball teams.  We are blessed to have hundreds of committed men who call C3 their church home.
THIS SATURDAY morning at 7:30am I challenge all the men reading this to attend Celebration’s Men’s Breakfast. You will enjoy good food, a group of really good guys who seek to know better and serve selflessly our GREAT GOD. Mike Howell will recap the latest C3 Men’s recent mission trip to Baxter Springs and Daron Jamison will teach a short lesson real men can relate to. 

I look forward to seeing all of you radical, rebellious, roughnecks this Saturday morning. 

Your pastor and partner in manly man ministry,

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