Monday, August 4, 2014

Pursuing your purpose with Passion Part 1

Last Sunday at Celebration Community Church former linebacker of K-State’s football team Tre Walker spoke to our congregation during our communion time. He shared about pursuing passionately his love for football and the commitment to be the best he could be in that sport.  Although Tre was not the biggest or the fastest player he gained the respect of fellow players and coaches who chose him to be a team captain.
The son of a Baptist preacher from Ottowa Kansas, Tre found himself falling away from his faith and making football, fame and material passions his god. At a very low point in his life following an injury, the potential loss of his starting position, crumbling relationships and less than average grades in school Tre called home. His parents knew just what to say to him. His parents reminded him that his talents opportunities and passion all come from one source, God. They suggested he get down on his knees, seek God’s forgiveness for putting other things first (that’s a violation of the first of the ten commandments) and recommit his life to God. That was the turning point in Tre’s life and his new pursuit of sharing the skills he has learned and speaking to young people about pursuing their God given purpose with passion.
Tre is hosting his first ever “Tre Walker Family Football Academy” in Hays this Tuesday August 5th at Hays High School.
Elementary School Camp: 8:30am-12noon
Middle School Camp:12:30pm-4pm
High School Camp: 4pm-7:30pm

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