Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pursuing your purpose with passion part 2

The motivation behind all great art, music, literature and the driving force behind all great drama and all great architecture is passion.  Passion is what makes things great.  Passion is what drives scientists to find new cures to dreaded disease.  Passion is what equips athletes to break records. Passion is what sustains you in reaching your goals as you go through life.  Nothing great is done without passion.  Without passion in your life, your life is dull, drab, boring.  In America, we are passionate about a lot of things. We are passionate about sports we play, the movies we watch, the   We are passionate about movies we watch, the clothes we wear.  When I looked on Amazon to find all of the books that had the word “passion” in the title I found hundreds upon hundreds.    
The amazing thing in our culture is that it is ok, even appropriate, for you to be passionate about just about anything as long as it’s not God.
You can go to any sporting event and yell and scream your head off, jump up and down, raise your hands while doing the wave. You are allowed to cry when you lose and when you win you can dance around and people would say, “ Now that is a real fan!”  But if you told people you acted like that at church came to church people would call you a fanatic. 
Why is it appropriate to get excited, demonstratively enthusiastic, have a passion for anything in life but when it comes to faith we are expected to be reserved. I’ll admit I am not one to whoop and holler in worship but I am VERY PASSIONATE about my faith.   When we talk about Jesus’ death on the cross that is called Christ’s passion.  Whenever they do a re-enactment of the crucifixion , they call it a Passion Play. Mel Gibson’s 2004 movie about the crucifixion was called “The Passion of the Christ”.   Jesus was most passionate about his purpose which was to seek and to save the lost. Jesus says if you want to see how passionate I am about fulfilling my purpose just look at me upon the cross taking on the sins of the world.  Jesus passionately pursued  his purpose and he wants us to do the same.
Tomorrow and throughout this week we will look at what the Bible says we are to pursue passionately.   

Your pastor and partner in ministry,


Prayer Request: 
Tre Walker, who spoke at our C3 services last Sunday told me yesterday that the church his father is the pastor of in Ottawa Kansas caught fire and sustained tremendous damage on Monday morning. The cause of the fire was due to faulty electricity. The Rev. Armogen Walker said at the scene “ I guess God’s got a better plan. We’ll be fine. We’ll rebuild our church.” Please pray for the Walker family and the church family of Bethany Chapel Baptist Church.  If you would like to make a donation to help in the rebuilding, make your check out to C3 and memo them Bethany Rebuild Fund”-PK

C3’s Alicia Hunter is needing a babysitter for a two year old boy on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 7:15am to 2:15pm. If you are interested  please email alicia@celebratejesus.org or call 785-342-3682.

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