Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Passionate Pursuit of God


Yesterday during our church staff meeting I spoke of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his passionate pursuit of fulfilling his purpose as a minister of the Gospel of Christ by seeking equality among all God’s children, winning him the Nobel peace Prize in 1964. Mother Teresa was passionate about serving the needs of the poorest of the poor. Gandhi, though Hindu was passionate about following Jesus’ example of nonviolent confrontation to bring about change. Jesus, himself is the ultimate example of being passionately in pursuit of the saving of your soul by his full on surrender in  the garden of Gethsemane and on the cross at Calvary, sweating blood and tears to set you free from your past so that you and I may have life abundantly though Him.
I’ll ask you now what I asked our staff yesterday. What are you that passionate about?  Many people might answer by sharing a sports fanaticism or a recreational pursuit. But what I am asking is, what God given pursuit are you so passionate about that will effect change in your immediate world?  Your unique gifts, personality and passion are tailor-made to fulfill your God-given purpose on earth. Only when living and operating toward fulfilling God’s purpose for your life, will you experience true success, happiness and the prize of peace that awaits those who pursue it.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,


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