Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hope Is Expecting the Best Is Yet to Come

Thrill of Hope - Red
None of us have ever woken up and thought, “I hope I have a terrible day today.” We might expect to have a bad day or worry about having a bad day, but these emotions are not hope. Hope is believing God works all things for our good.
In Luke 1:39-56, Mary writes a song about the amazing things God has done and will do, expecting that the best is yet to come. She writes this after going to visit Elizabeth, whom God promised would be pregnant in her old age. Mary’s song is not blind optimism, but the song of a woman who has hope.
There is a difference between having hope and wishing something. Wishing is an optimistic thought that doesn't require any action; hope is about trusting. Wishing the store will have your favorite flavor of ice cream when you get there is just a thought. Hope is calling ahead, learning it is in stock, then trusting the manager put it aside for you. Our hope is only as valuable as the person or thing in which we place it.
God cannot lie, so when He makes a promise we can be sure it will come true. Mary’s life was not always easy. She was about to be a pregnant, unwed young woman. She had no idea that 33 years later, she would witness her son’s crucifixion. And when Jesus died, Mary didn’t know He would come back to life. But seeing God’s faithfulness in the past is what gave her confidence that no matter her circumstances, she could put her hope in Him. That’s what gives us hope as well.
We aren’t just optimistic that the best is yet to come. Like Mary, we can have hope that the best is yet to come because our God says it is, and He always keeps His word.
Jesus, thank You for giving me hope as an anchor for my soul. You are a promise maker and promise keeper. Help me to remember that today.
Do you have a hard time believing God will do what He says He will do? Why or why not?
Throughout this month in these blogs I am sharing with you a daily devotional from NewSpring Church entitled “Hope Is”…
I have hope and my hope has a name…Jesus!
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