Friday, November 28, 2014

The Thanksgiving Defender Part 4 (finale)

The holiday commemorating Christian Pilgrims surviving a harsh winter and sharing the bounty of a bumper harvest with their Native neighbors has been hijacked by commercialism along with Christmas and Easter.
I have always been thankful that most retailers have respected at least for one day the sanctity of the last Thursday in November as a day away from commercialism and a day off for their employees to enjoy the day of Thanksgiving with their families.
Prior to this year only AFTER Thanksgiving Day, came BLACK FRIDAY, the drug of choice for the shopping addicted consumer. But as of this year major retailers are not waiting until Friday to launch their door busting sales, they are starting them on Wednesday and even Thursday.
As the self proclaimed Defender of Thanksgiving I officially lodge my protest (not that I believe it will make any difference.)
The only difference that can be made is if when we gather with our friends and family, recall the story of the first Thanksgiving and remember to WHOM we are to be thankful for all of the blessings we receive.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
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Debbie and I surrounded by over 500 sacks of groceries collected last Saturday by C3 folks.
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THIS SUNDAY 5th Sunday. Bring a non perishable food item for C3’s food pantry.  If you want to be baptized or have your child dedicated e-mail me
Come help decorate the church building for Christmas after the 10am service THIS SUNDAY.
C3LA, Celebration's Leadership Academy will hold their graduation celebration This Sunday at 2:00 pm in the Pond. All are invited to come out and celebrate this special event with us.

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