Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our love should reflect God’s love for us

The Song
The love between Solomon and his bride did not diminish in intensity after their wedding night. The lovers relied on each other and kept no secrets from each other. Devotion and commitment were the keys to their relationship, just as they are in our relationships to our spouses and to God. The faithfulness of our marital love should reflect God's perfect faithfulness to us.

Paul shows how marriage represents Christ's relationship to his church in Ephesians 5:22-33 and John pictures the Second Coming as a great marriage feast for Christ and his bride, his faithful followers in Revelation 19 and 21. Many theologians have thought that Song of Songs is an allegory showing Christ's love for his church. It might be even better to say that it is a love poem about a real human love relationship, and that all loving, committed marriages are reflections of God's love.

Tomorrow night at 7:05 pm 98.5 The Truth is hosting “The Song” a modern retelling of the Song of Solomon. Come and see how our true love reflects God’s love.

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