Monday, February 23, 2015

Thank Heaven for Little Girls…


Last Saturday night I witnessed over thirty men having a tea party. Many of them were getting their fingernails polished. Still others were dancing with females other than their wives. OK before your imaginations run wild, I was describing the second annual Daddy /Daughter Date Night sponsored by C3’s Men’s ministry. Luke Haines, Matt Dumler, Vernon Wells and the rest of the Men’s Ministry team outdid themselves providing an atmosphere of music, food, fun and more importantly memories made with daughters and their Daddies.
More and more fathers and in some cases grandfathers are becoming aware of their influence and positive role modeling they present by regularly dating their daughters. The research clearly says that Daddies make all the difference in the world," says Kevin Leman, national speaker and author of What a Difference Daddy Makes. "I have tremendously more impact on my daughter than my wife does." The way a father treats his daughter is an indicator of the kind of boy she will later date and the man she will eventually marry.  
I can remember men in our church like Rick Claiborn and Craig McGuire who made a point of regularly taking their daughters out on one on one dates and letting the girls pick the destinations and topics of discussion. It meant SO much to their girls.
If you are the father of daughters I encourage you to teach her by your actions, how a lady is expected to be treated by the boys she will eventually date. And on top of all of that…. These are fun memories you will both be making that will last forever!

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