Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Shall We Say?

What Shall We Say?
This week I have been with two different families who have suffered the sudden loss of one of their loved ones. One in a tragic vehicle accident, the other birthing a still born baby. At times like these I struggle with what I can say that might ease the pain or lessen the grief of their loved ones. But in the face of such great mysteries - life and death - there are no easy answers.

What are we to say to these things?

The Apostle Paul answers this question in this way, "If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not withhold his own Son, but gave him up for all of us, will he not with him also give us everything else?" Romans 8:31

One thing that I do know is that in the midst of the uncertainty and the sorrow that comes in this life, God shows up to offer a supernatural kind of comfort for those who are believers. God uses suffering though painful experiences to strengthen us for the future trials of life.

Suffering is one God’s main ingredients to build character in us. The key is how we respond and learn from the problems we encounter. God is far more interested in our character than our comfort. In the grand scheme of things, the meaning of life, the reason we live the life we are given is about our relationship with God, and then others around us. And as the scriptures say it rains on the just and the unjust… meaning that God allows certain sorrows to come into our lives so that we might flee from a false dependence on our own abilities securities false sense of control.

"We can rejoice when we run into problems ...they help us learn to be patient and patience develops strength of character in us and helps us trust God more each time we use it until finally our hope and faith are strong and steady." Romans 5:3-4

Remember that God is at work in your life, even when you cannot see Him. We will all go though trials and suffering because of the fallen world we live in. We will only grow in the midst of them when we allow ourselves to learn and mature from those painful experiences. You will have far more contentment and joy in your life when you cooperate and allow God’s love to rule in your life, and surrender your fears, desires and pain over to Him.

Troubles are a part of life, God does not look upon trouble quite the same way that we do. Where we see stress he sees opportunities. Where we see crisis, He sees growth and betterment. God's purpose in times of crisis and trouble is to teach us His children precious lessons. They are intended to educate, and build us up. And when we learn from them and ride out these storms of life, we will see God’s promises fulfilled. There are over 7,000 Bible promises that come directly from our Lord. You need to think about these promises like a credit card with no spending limit and that you do not pay back, except by your love, trust and obedience. So during times of trouble claim these promises as your own and look for His love which is guiding you to become the person that we are capable of being for our benefit and His glory.

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