Tuesday, May 19, 2015

God Uses Problems In Our Lives - Part 2

Problems have a purpose. They develop our perseverance—which strengthens our character, deepens our trust in God, and give us greater confidence about the future.

Throughout this week we are looking at five ways God uses problems in our lives.

1.  God uses problems to direct us.

2. God uses problems to test us.

People are like tea bags.  Once you drop them into hot water, you quickly find out what they’re like on the inside.

Deuteronomy 8:2 says, The Lord led you all the way into the desert these forty years to test you in order to know what was in your heart.

God used Moses to lead the Hebrew people out of bondage in Egypt and lead them to the Promised Land.  The trip from Egypt to the Promised Land, which is Israel today, would only take about two weeks by foot, yet it took the Hebrew people forty years to reach the Promised Land. Why? God tested them in the wilderness so that they would be prepared to meet the challenges of life in the new land.

The Bible compares suffering to a refining fire.  You can take silver and gold and heat them up to burn off the impurities.  Similarly, God burns off the impurities within people through trials. “I, God, have tested you in the fire of suffering as silver is refined in a furnace." Isaiah 48:10

God uses problems to burn off excess in our lives that we don’t need.  How can a metal refiner tell if gold or silver being refined is finally pure?  The metal is pure when he can see his reflection on it.  When God can see His reflection in our lives, then the impurities have been burnt off.

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