Friday, May 8, 2015

National Day of Prayer

Yesterday about a dozen C3 folk along with over 60 others participated in the Annual National Day of Prayer on the lawn of the Ellis County Courthouse. The theme for 2015 was “Lord, Hear Our Cry”, emphasizing the need for individuals, corporately and individually, to place their faith in the unfailing character of their Creator, who is sovereign over all governments, authorities, and people.  I Kings 8:28 served as the Scripture for this year:  “Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day.” Prayers were offered by local pastors and others on behalf of government, military, media, business, education, church and family. 
I was asked to pray for our nation’s media and I prayed that they would promote positive values, give honest appraisals of situations instead of preconceived political positions and seek to uplift as opposed to dragging down. I prayed also that the people who are now using social media use it wisely and for good. 
Dr Jack Graham this year’s chairman of the National Day of Prayer prayed:    
Heavenly Father,
We come to You in the Name that is above every name—Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Our hearts cry out to You. Knowing that You are a prayer-answering, faithful God—the One we trust in times like these—we ask that You renew our spirits, revive our churches, and heal our land. We repent of our sins and ask for Your grace and power to save us. Hear our cry, oh God, and pour out Your Spirit upon us that we may walk in obedience to Your Word. We are desperate for Your tender mercies. We are broken and humbled before You. Forgive us, and in the power of Your great love, lift us up to live in Your righteousness. We pray for our beloved nation. May we repent and return to You and be a light to the nations. And we pray for our leaders and ask that You give them wisdom and faith to follow You. Preserve and protect us, for You are our refuge and only hope. Deliver us from all fears except to fear You, and may we courageously stand in the Truth that sets us free. We pray with expectant faith and grateful hearts.
In Jesus’ name, our Savior. Amen
At this crucial time for our nation, there is nothing more important we can do than to pray. Thank you to those who came out to support. 
Your pastor and partner in ministry,


As we concluded National Nurses Week we want to thank all of nurses who are a part of Celebration Community Church for your commitment to high quality patient care in our community.  At this time we want to thank those who have been helpful in our Celebrate Health Ministry. 
Thank you: Amanda McCord, Lisa Arnhold, Avry St. Peter, Sue Noll, Tara Roa, Daphne Brown, Tammy Billinger, Sheila Merritt, Staci Weigel, Kelli Swander and Amanda Tibbets. 
There will be blood pressures checks this Sunday following all of our services (except 6pm)

Congratulations to Cory & Lindsey Elsen on the birth of their son Parker Adam

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