Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Value of Christian Education Part 3

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Throughout this week we will be looking at ten advantages to the value of a Christian education.
1. You are accountable to God for what your children are taught 
2. Christian schools offer a better level of instruction. 
3. Children do not grow spiritually stronger in a negative non-Christian environment.
Students become stronger Christians by being taught Christian thinking, and there is no such person as a "neutral" school teacher who neither advances nor inhibits their faith perspective.  School represents 16% of your child's time.  It is prime time, a training time, and Christian school education represents a positive Bible- centered form of instruction that will build a child up in the faith- -not tear them down. 

4. Christian schools have not cut themselves off from the most important book in the world--the Bible.  Standards for morality must be taken not from what culture says but based on Biblical principles like modesty. A modest dress code is one of the requirements at our church’s school, Victory Christian Academy.
If you know of a child entering pre-school, starting kindergarten or early elementary age, come to Victory Christian Academy’s OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday June 2nd at 6:30pm and find out for yourselves about the benefits of a Christian Education at VCA.   
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
ATTENTION MEN: Join me TONIGHT at 7pm at C3 for a study of one of the great men of the Old Testament
Continue to pray for the 59 Encounter students sharing the love of Jesus with orphans in Haiti.
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