Thursday, May 14, 2015

Teach Your Children - PART 4

Throughout this week as school is winding down, we are looking at what the Bible has to say about training up a child in the way he should go so that when they are old they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
Yesterday we saw how important it is to train our children in having healthy relationships. Today we will focus on training your child in character and values  

As you help your kids develop good habits, they develop good character.  If they don't develop good habits, they're not going to have good character no matter what you say.  I love the expression “Character is more caught than it is taught”.  Our kids learn character and values by watching what is done around them. Values are constantly being communicated and picked up on, one way or the other.  

I know you've heard people say, "I'm not going to impose my spiritual values on my kids.  I'm going to let them decide for themselves." What I say to that is “Baloney!”  What that basically is saying is “to hell with my kids”.  God’s values cannot be optional 
By the time a child is 18 he or she has seen hundreds of thousands of sexual situations on T.V. and in movies with a majority of them being between unmarried couples with an increasing portion between same sex couples. The Bible is clear that we are not to judge others but the Bible is also very clear when is says one day we're all going to be judged before God and we will all give an account of our lives.  Those of us who are parents will give an account of our parenting roles.  Did we care enough to say, this is right and this is wrong, because  lets be honest, most kids don't know right from wrong today. And they learn these character values inside of a Christian home and Christian school. 
This is one of the reasons Celebration Community Church has a Christian school, Victory Christian Academy under its authority. To create an environment of Christian values that can support what is being taught at home. 

Tomorrow we will look at part 5 of Teaching Your Children about God. 

Your pastor and partner in ministry,



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