Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book of Revelation Series

Revelation Series
In college I worked at our schools newspaper. Newspaper-composing rooms had to have all sizes of type in the days before modern technology. Each page had to be laboriously set up by hand with moveable letters, so a vari­ety of sizes and styles were kept in production rooms. Nearly every paper had one giant size of type, to announce earth-shaking events such as a declaration of war or the assassination of a presi­dent. They called these "second coming type." Even in a secular setting, the most momentous occasion imaginable was the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Beginning THIS SUNDAY and continuing throughout the rest of the summer Celebration Community Church will be studying the book of Revelation. 
Revelation is not just a book about the end of the world; it’s about the start of something greater. In this series, the teaching pastors at Celebration will look at the first three chapters of Revelation and what Jesus said to seven different churches. What Jesus said to those first century churches still stands and has relevant and practical application for our lives and families today.
I will also be leading an in-depth look at the question “Are we living in the end times?” on Thursday evenings with worship at 6:30pm and a study/discussion to follow at 7pm.  Child care will be provided.
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