Monday, July 20, 2015

Jesus Knows Our Suffering

Revelation Series
Last week we looked at the church of Ephesus and what Jesus Christ had to say to a busy church. Ephesus was a church that was so overburdened with activity that it didn’t have any time to love Him anymore. Throughout this week we will explore what Jesus says to the suffering church at Smyrna and to us. The Smyrna church was going through intense persecution from Jews threatened by Christianity and by and a non-Jewish population that was loyal to Rome and supported emperor worship. Persecution and suffering were inevitable in an environment like this.
Jesus wants us to know that he is never surprised by what is happing to us. He never says ”I didn’t see that one coming.” That will never come out of God’s mouth.
When Jesus says, “I know,” again and again to this church, He’s also saying that He understands what you’re going through.  He not only knows about it but He understands it.  Jesus knows.  He understands what it’s like to be falsely accused because He was falsely accused. Jesus knows what it feels like to be ridiculed.  Jesus knows what it feels like to be rejected.  Jesus knows what it feels like to be whipped and have a crown of thorns put on His head.  He knows.  He went to a cross. So when you are experiencing difficulties, know that Jesus understands our suffering.
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