Saturday, March 12, 2016

Countdown to Easter 15

On average, American adults watch television 4–4.5 hours daily. That’s a total of 1,460 hours or 60 days out of each year (this does not include other media such as DVDs, Internet, etc 

On average, how many hours of television do you watch each day/week? 
Just before I sat down to write this blog I had just watched 3 hours of TV , an hour long drama and a basketball game. Oh how time flies. 

I know people who fast media consumption in their days leading up to Easter.   They limit the quantity of time spent watching television. This could be a daily viewing time limit, designated no-TV days, or perhaps choosing to unplug the television for a extended period of time altogether.  Many of us just have the TV on in the backround for company. Try eliminating that backround noise and start to be comfortable with quiet. I have attempted to cut out 2 hours of TV each day replacing it with Quiet Time & study. (It’s tough during March Madness) 

Remember, the message isn’t that television is inherently bad; rather we are looking for ways in which we can create space to meet with God and others. 

I’m not watching the tube again until…  5pm Saturday (the next KU game) 

Your pastor and partner in ministry,

Please pray for our CrossCurrent Youth Mission trip to Baxtor Springs over Spring Break


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