Monday, March 28, 2016

Yesterday we nearly filled up FHSU's Beach-Schmidt Auditorium TWICE to celebrate the resurrection of our LORD. In addition there were 234 worshippers in our church in Colby who also experienced the joy of what God did for us in Jesus at Easter thru C3.
Thank you to all who prayed, invited friends and served to help make this day SO special. Special thanks to our Worship, Tech, Creative Arts and Hospitality teams lead by our faithful and committed C3 staff.
Special thanks to Josh Hunter for making the JESUS display, to the Haines family for providing the crosses and to Robin Wilson who provided EVERY child who came to C3 Hays with an Easter egg filled with candy and a dollar(many also received a stuffed bunny or bear).
Easter has come and gone… now what?
No other holiday except for Christmas is the subject of as much anticipation as Easter. But now that Resurrection Sunday is behind us and the distractions of spring and summer are right around the corner, it’s easy to mentally set the message of Easter aside until next spring. Jesus’ resurrection isn’t something to celebrate once a year and then forget about; it’s something that should influence and redeem our behavior every single day. How can we not let the joy of Easter fade?
I heard it said that many people will move on from Resurrection Sunday to a Mundane Monday, Terrible Tuesday, Whiny Wednesday, Throbbing headache Thursday, Frenzied Friday, Suck back a few cold ones Saturday, unaware of the significance of all they heard about the week before. People will continue to fight sin in their own strength, think the meaning of life lies somewhere outside God’s provision in Christ, and battle nagging fears and dread death. The elation of the resurrection will fade into the ho hum of our lives, making no discernible impact. As you pastor and want to challenge you and remind you that we know better and we are not going to let that happen.
I want to encourage you to Celebrate Easter everyday and take the message of Easter and the hope we have in Jesus with you wherever you go today and everyday this week. Then come back together with your church family as we LAUNCH OUR NEW SATURDAY SERVICE at 5pm or Sunday at 8:30AM, 10am and 11:30am.
We will be having baptisms after each service.(Register on your C3 app).
I am SO proud to be a fellow follower of the resurrected Jesus Christ and your pastor and partner in ministry,,

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