Thursday, March 19, 2015

Get to Know Your Lemon

The University of Northern Iowa once offered a general art course that included a most unusual exercise. The instructor brought to class a shopping bag filled with lemons and gave one of those lemons to each class member. The assignment was for the student to keep his lemon with him day and night--smelling, handling, examining it. Next class period, without warning, students were told to put their lemons back in the bag. Then each was asked to find his or her lemon. Surprisingly, most did so without difficulty.
The lesson? Knowledge about anything comes with continual engagement.  

The same thing applies to our relationship with God. Intimacy with God is often established through the daily disciplines we engage. Want to know God better? Spend time with Him day and night. Ask yourself these questions. When do I feel most intimate with Christ?
What can you do to cultivate this connection with Christ on a daily basis?
Like the lemon assignment given to the students what are some ways you can develop an awareness of Christ throughout your day?

Your pastor and partner in ministry,
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