Friday, March 6, 2015

Too Busy NOT to Pray

As we approach Easter I am encouraging those who are reading this blog to slow down your “crazy busy” schedule and take make time to have a quiet time with God each day.  For the past twenty five years the book Too Busy Not to Pray has stood as a classic on prayer, helping Christians all over the world slow down to draw near to God. I can remember the transforming effect Bill Hybel’s book had on me and on my prayer life back when I was pastoring a church in Southern California. If you don’t have this book I encourage you to get it and read it. It is a part of our (C3LA) Celebration Community Church Leadership Academy curriculum.
During the last twenty five years, the world certainly hasn't slowed down. Even with moving to Kansas, if anything, the pace, intensity and number of distractions in my life have only increased. Brokenness, pain and desperation seem to have increased with the people I come in contact.  It seems that I am hearing more and more news of financial meltdowns, broken families, deep depression and difficult choices facing people today.  . The urgent need for help from God, even the need for a miracle through prayer is clear, but busyness and distractions still keeps many of us from finding time to pray for those miracles.  
Two truths haven't changed in twenty five years: God is the same powerful, just, holy God he's always been; and true prayer—prayer that changes us and allows us to participate in God's work in the world—can't happen on the fly.
I want to challenge you this weekend to make prayer a priority, especially if you need a miracle in your life or in the life of your family. Please join Pastor Brant and myself as we launch a new series this Sunday on how we can “MARVEL at the Miracles of Jesus” and prepare ourselves for Him to do the miraculous in our lives.  
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
Prayer Request:
Please pray for Amy Lang who lost her father Raymond Kohler to cancer on Thursday.

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