Monday, March 30, 2015

Got Hurts, Habits and Hang-Ups?

Mens encounter
Having spent the weekend with over 100 men at Northwest Kansas Men’s Encounter I was reminded of the pain and pressure men live under today and the desire to be the men God created us to be for our families. Facing the consequences of bad choices of the past and the demands of work and family so many men feel hopeless and defeated. According to John Baker of Celebrate Recovery, history has proven that during times like these the number of people turning to addictions and compulsions greatly increases. When people are hurting, they turn to anything to numb the pain. They start abusing alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, and one another. “In the United States, there are already 18 million alcoholics, 4 million drug addicts, 16 million sex addicts, and 4 million addicted to food. The list goes on and on and these numbers are only going to increase in the days to come! We know the only true and lasting answer for those feelings of hopelessness and defeat is to turn to Jesus Christ! So how does our church reach out to those in our congregation and community that are struggling? We have a way to help individuals with any kind of hurt, hang-up, or habit. It is called Celebrate Recovery - a Christ-centered 12 step Recovery program based on God’s Word. Celebrate Recovery meets every Monday night at 7pm. Your pastor and partner in ministry, Kyle
Be sure to invite some friends and co-workers to Easter Sunday Services at 9 & 10:45 am at Beach Schmidt Auditorium on the Fort hays Campus.

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