Thursday, March 12, 2015

Intimacy =’s “in-to-me-see “

Intimacy with God
Before the Fall, Adam and Eve were both “naked” before each other and “were not ashamed.” Nakedness here wasn’t merely a physical reality, they were open in mind, emotions, and body. Adam could completely see-in-to Eve and vice versa. There was no pretense nor hesitation. Intimacy could be defined “in-to-me-see.” The same was true with their relationship with God.

Our intimacy with God is only as deep as our intimacy with others?”
Can we truly be intimate with God, while closed off to others?
On the “in-to-me-see” meter, where are you in your relationship with God and others?
This week, approach your relationship with God and others with a purpose not to settle for mere superficial, surface-level interactions. Look for tangible ways to open up yourself to God and to others.

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Prayer Request:
Don Blurton’s 91 year old mother Leona Blurton of Medicine Lodge passed away on Wednesday.

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