Friday, April 10, 2015

The Book of Acts

One of my favorite books of the Bible is the book of Acts. It is THE action book of the New Testament, and it constitutes therefore one of the most exciting books of the Bible. The full name of it is, The Acts Of The Apostles, but there are not many apostles mentioned in it. James, John, Peter, and Paul are the only ones who appear in any prominence. Through the centuries Christians have shortened this title and called it simply, Acts, a fitting name for a book of action, revealing how God was at work through first Century Christians.

There is intense conflict throughout the book, but a conflict met with confidence that is inspiring to see. It is a record of power exercised in the midst of persecution; an account of life and health pouring from a living Christ into a sick society through the channel of simple men and women, very much like you and me.

Acts is the record of men and women, possessed you may say, with the confidence of the living Christ and by the power of God’s Holy Spirit living in them. That is the secret of authentic Christianity. Anytime you find a Christianity that is not doing that, no matter how much it may be adorned with the garb and language of Christianity, if it is not the activity of human beings directed by the indwelling of the Spirit of Jesus Christ it is not authentic Christianity. That is where the true power of the church resides, as we shall see throughout this book. What is amazing is that the book of Acts therefore is an unfinished book; still being written by Christians like you and me.

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