Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Unexpected Circumstances

If there is one thing I have learned in over 30 years in ministry is that life rarely happens as we plan it.
The person you hoped to be married to forever becomes interested in someone else. Your best friend moves out of state and you lose touch. The company you dedicated years of hard work to just let you go. The children who you poured your life into don’t take the time and effort to communicate.  The good health you always had and took for granted now requires daily monitoring and care.
Unexpected circumstances sweep through our lives, and we’re left feeling unstable and vulnerable.
I can only imagine that Jesus’ followers felt the same way. Can you just hear the disciples coming together after the death of Jesus? One looks to the other: “Where did you go? Did anyone follow you?  What did you do? What did you say? Did anyone stand up for Jesus?” Imagine now at the news of Jesus arrest, trial and execution the fear, shame and humiliation the disciples felt.
Just a week before, they expected Jesus to be a political savior who would lead them in forceful rebellion against the oppressive Roman government. They expected Jesus to restore things to how they once were. They all expected to be with him in significant positions during his reign.
Through his resurrection Jesus brought peace and hope in light of their fears and doubts. He told His followers God wasn’t done with him and that he wasn’t done with them yet either as a matter of fact it was just beginning. A.D. and He prepared them for the next steps they were to take.
But instead, the disciples’ hopes were dashed. Their built-up expectations unraveled as Jesus died at the hands of the Romans. He was placed in a tomb and all seemed lost.
However, Jesus wasn’t done and he wasn’t done with them.
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