Tuesday, April 7, 2015


You will receive power
After Jesus’ resurrection he tells his disciples to wait until the Promised One from God, the Holy Spirit, comes. The Holy Spirit glorifies the work the Son has accomplished that we may have a relationship with the Father through the indwelling of his spirit. The Holy Spirit did four things for the early disciples.

First, He came to ENLIGHTEN them. He does this by bringing to mind their memories. It was the memories of their time with Jesus. They were to remember the miracles He performed and the message he proclaimed. He also revealed the movements and moments of life-changing events.

Second, we discover that He comes to ENERGIZE them. The disciples had gone through some tough times and were going to go through some more difficult days. But the Holy Spirit would provide them the grace, strength and energy they needed.

We also find that He comes to ENCOURAGE them. They needed the words recalled from the past.

But we also discern that He comes to EQUIP them. He equips them to carry on the message we have been given. And what a message it is! It is a message of reconciliation with the Eternal God, the King of glory!

Tomorrow we will see that God’s Holy Spirit does the same four things for us today.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,

Hays Victory Academy
Victory Christian Academy will be hosting another Open House on Tuesday, April 7th (TONIGHT) at 6:30.

Come hear parent testimonies, tour the school, meet the teachers, and hear the amazing things God is doing at VCA!

See you then!-PK

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