Friday, August 28, 2015


Revelation Series
Today we will look at three strategies on how to stay on fire for God and not get lukewarm.
If I were to take a hot cup of coffee and think about how to keep it hot I may pour it in a thermos. That is like holding on to past spiritual experiences thinking they can sustain us today. It doesn’t work because even in that thermos it would eventually cool off.
Another strategy is to microwave it. Microwaves heat things up very quickly but they also cool off very quickly. We may go to a spiritual growth conference and get all fired up only to cool off soon after we get home.
The best strategy is to take that cup or pot of coffee and set it on a hot plate, plugged into a power source.  The heat from that power source is continually adding heat to that coffee.
That’s God’s strategy.  That’s the way He keeps us spiritually warm When we keep our life plugged in to Jesus Christ and his church, that’s where the heat comes from – my relationship with Him through his word, through listening to his spirit, through fellowshipping with his people, by serving him through serving others and by sharing the Good News he has given to us. That’s how we stay hot for him. It’s keeping myself plugged in to Him.  That’s where the spiritually powerful life comes from.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
Child Dedications at all services, Adult Baptisms
(At the Haines Pond. We leave from the church at 1pm. Lunch provided)
Bring a swimsuit and a towel
Email or call 785-625-LIVE to sign up.
P.S. Bring a nonperishable grocery item for C3's food pantry.

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