Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I have this against you. That you tolerate the woman Jezebel.

Revelation Series
In our Sunday message series we have been looking at what Jesus reveals to the Apostle John to tell the first century church as well as to us in the 21 century.
Jesus Says to us through the churches of:
Ephesus, the busy church: You have lost your first love.
Smyrna, the suffering church: I know your struggles and am always with you.
Pergamum, the confused church: The truth will set you free.
Thyatira, the tolerant church: Don’t be misled by false teaching.
In Revelation verse 20 Jesus says, “I have this against you. That you tolerate the woman Jezebel”.
What does it mean to tolerate something or someone? It means getting comfortable with things that should be uncomfortable. Some things should be uncomfortable. Bad relationships. Bad ethics. Bad morality. Bad theology. But if tolerated a little piece at a time you find it has a foothold on you.
In this church they were tolerating some bad teaching. It was coming from a woman who’s described as Jezebel. In the Old Testament there’s a wicked queen, Jezebel, who single handedly led the whole nation of Israel into the pagan practice of worshipping Baal. The insinuation here in Revelation is there was a woman in this church who was doing much the same thing as her wicked predecessor from previous generations.
Throughout this week we will look at how we can stand for the truth so we don’t fall for a lie.
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