Friday, August 14, 2015

Three Things That Never Change Part 3

We are living in a world reeling from changes, the Bible tells us of three things that never change.
1. God’s love never changes.
2. God’s word never changes.
3. God’s Purpose for My Life Never Changes
Long before you were born, God planned you. And that plan has never changed. He created you for a purpose; actually five purposes. Want to know what they are?
You were Planned for God’s Pleasure — You are to discover the true meaning of worshiping and establishing an intimate relationship with God.
You were Formed for God’s Family — You are to explore the real meaning of fellowship by developing relationships with other believers to do life together.
You were Created to Become Like Christ — You are to grow in true discipleship by developing a Christ-like character by seeking God’s truth through His word and Spirit .
You were Shaped for Serving God — You are to get involved in ministry, discovering how God has uniquely formed you to serve him in your church as you and learn to think and act as Christ’s servant.
You were Made for a Mission — You are to recognize that God called you and gave you a story for a reason. You are to share this Good News with others in your sphere of influence while gaining a heart for reaching the whole world for Him.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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