Friday, January 22, 2016

Connect With a Church Family

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The beginning of the New Year is a great time for us to make new commitments. To give up unhealthy addictions, to take on new healthier lifestyle choices regarding our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. I would like to invite you to join myself and Pastor Brant this Sunday  January 24th at 1am for Celebration Community Church’s “Connection Class”. While becoming a Christian means committing yourself to Christ, it also means committing yourself to a body of believers with whom we can practice the 47 “one-another's” we find in the New Testament directed to the church. (Love one another, serve one another, pray for one another…etc) The Apostle Paul mentions two different types of commitment in 2 Corinthians 8:5 "First they gave themselves to the Lord; and then, by God's will, they gave themselves to us as well" (GN). Think about that. We are to give ourselves to one another after we give ourselves to the Lord. Now THAT is what a church is all about. C3’s Connections Class, is a basic introduction to our church and is designed to clearly explain what our church is all about and how you can connect, grow, serve, and share, all in the context of this fellowship we think of as the C3 family. Connections is being offered THIS SUNDAY January 24th from 1pm – 2:30pm (approx) in the Pond Children’s Area. Lunch is served and child care is provided upon request. Please RSVP TODAY on the  C3 Hays app on your smartphone at  or call the church office at 625-LIVE. When it comes to church membership you were not created to be a spectator sitting in the stands or watching the game on T.V. but rather a pivotal player on the greatest team of all… Christ’s church. Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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TONIGHT (Friday) 7:05 FREE!

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If you have not yet connected with C3 as a member, come THIS SUNDAY AT 1pm. Lunch will be served and child care with be provided if you RSVP.

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