Wednesday, May 14, 2014

God Is A Baseball Fan

You've probably heard that God loves baseball. After all, He began his holy book with Genesis 1:1. “"In the big inning..." Everyone who loves baseball like the Lord does feels a tremendous rush this time of year with another set of words: Play ball! Last night one of the three men’s softball teams that Celebration Community Church has fielded in the Hays Recreation League had its first games of the season. (Thank you to our team sponsors, AdvoCare, Covenant Builders, Hays Academy of Hair Design & RoofMasters).What a joy it was playing on a team of guys, all connected with C3, all pulling for each other to do their best win or lose.
Some of my best memories in life revolve around teaming up with others to accomplish a purposeful task. The success of whatever you do in the game of life depends largely on developing a strong team with a deep sense of commitment to a cause and to one another. Real successful teamwork is built on three factors: a compelling purpose, crystal clear communication, and a code of commonly held values. That’s what a good church is all about. A group of Christians committed to Christ and to fulfilling His Great Commandment and Great Commission. We were never meant to play this game alone. God has called each one of us to connect with His team , His church where we can learn to grow in our faith, encourage one another, serve those in need and share His good news with others.
I want to encourage you to join Christ’s C3 team by attending our Connections Class THIS SATURDAY at 10am. RSVP by calling the church office at 625-5483.
It’s time to get up and out of the bleachers and get in the game God is calling you to play with His team.  

Your pastor, and partner in ministry,
Coach Kyle 

If you want to connect with some other guys from C3 and enjoy a great meal for FREE, come to C3 Men’s Ministry Breakfast THIS SATURDAY at 7:30am. Luke Haines will be sharing how God has become the captain of his family’s team. 

New mid-week service, The End, starts May 21st @ C3

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