Monday, May 12, 2014

The Toughest Job In The World

Dr. Tony Campolo is a well-known and highly-respected, inspirational speaker, who over the last several years has spent much of his time traveling around the world on speaking tours. Meanwhile, his wife, Peggy, has chosen to stay home and give herself and all that she has to the bringing up oftheir two children, Bart and Lisa.  On those rare occasions when Peggy does travel with Tony, she finds herself engaged in conversations with some of the most accomplished, impressive, influential, sophisticated people in the world.

After one such trip, Peggy told Tony that sometimes as she visits with these powerful peopleshe finds herself feeling intimidated and sometimes even questioning her own self-worth.  Tony said to her:  "Well, honey, why don't you come up with something you could say when you meet people that will let them know that you strongly value what you do?

Well, not long after that the Campolo’s were at a party when a woman said to Peggy in a rather condescending tone, "Well, my dear, what do you do?"  Tony Campolo heard his wife say:

"I am nurturing two Homo Sapiens into the dominant values of the Judaeo-Christian tradition in order that they might become instruments for the transformation of the social order into the kind of eschatological utopia God envisioned from the beginning of time." And the other woman said: "O, my, I'm just a lawyer. Thank you to all the Mom’s who have the toughest jobs in the world.

Here is a video we viewed in the EDGE services on Mother’s Day which proves the point.

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