Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Slump

I’m a Chicago Cubs fan.
But there is the problem with being a Cubs fan; we start off every season full of hope and expectation, only to come crashing down painfully by the end of May …
I guess it’s just a summer slump.
Summer slumps affect ball teams, businesses and they certainly affect churches. 
You know the signs, a decrease in attendance followed by a down turn in giving.
And when the slump is in full effect, and if we are not careful we can be disheartened and begin wondering, “What is wrong?” Over most of the last 18 years we at Celebration Community Church have struggled with a summer financial slump. Giving to the church falls off substantially beginning on Memorial Day weekend and struggles to recover until September.  
I am not suggesting that you don’t take your vacations, we need those times away. So hit the road, go visit Mickey and Minnie, go to the Lake, (Last Sunday we launched Celebration @ The Lake as a way to keep our camping members connected) go somewhere and enjoy some recreational time  …but please remember to continue giving to your church. Our activities in the summer don’t slow down they actually increase with camps and conferences and weddings and mission trips.
This summer for the first time we have introduced online giving as a way for you to continue to give even if you are away. You may make one time gifts or scheduled withdrawals through our website www.celebratejesus.org or by our Celebration Community Church app on your smart phones and tablets. We have made giving to your church easy even when you are away.   
While you enjoy time away this summer, a time with family and friends, or just time to do absolute nothing… please remember to give to the Lord and to the work of His church here at C3.   
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
Prayer Requests:

CrossCurrent Middle School Camp students and sponsors leaving for Rexford KS.
Encounter Mission Trip to Haiti

Tuesday @ 6:30 in the C3 Cafe "What Is Hospice?"

The End Part 2
Wednesday @ 7pm in the C3 Pond

 Ladies Night Out to see
Mom’s Night Out 
Friday at 6:30pm
Meet at the Church
Tickets just $5
Contact women@celebratejesus.org for more info

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