Wednesday, July 16, 2014

God Who Never Changes

Guest Post By Taylor Trickle

Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Awhile back I wrote a song that we sing here at C3 called “God Who Never Changes”.
This song was written in a time when I was looking at my life wondering if God could forgive me for things in my life that I had done wrong over and over again.
I was upset with myself for the fact that I would tell God that He was number 1 in my life and that I would seek Him with everything I am and yet I could betray Him with little choices I would make.

In the midst of that all, I read Hebrews 13:8 (which I had read so many times in my life) and that day a little light bulb popped up above my head! If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever… and He forgave me for all of my sins when I first accepted Him that means He will do the same today and forever!

I think we make little exceptions in our head for what can’t forgive us for. Like “This is too big of a deal for God to forgive me for!” Or even, “God doesn't care to help me through this, its such a small thing and He has so much more to worry about!” When in fact God forgave us in the beginning, and I don’t mean at the first time you messed up! I mean BEFORE YOU WERE BORN!

That’s crazy to think, I know, but it’s true! Jesus came to this earth and He lived a perfect life, resisting ALL temptations, and then died His death on the cross for US.

So if we look at our lives and say that something is too big or small for God, that is not only denying that God can handle all, that is denying that the blood of Jesus isn’t sufficient enough to sustain you! But if Jesus’s blood is sufficient enough to save you, it’s sufficient enough to sustain you.

So In the chorus of “God Who Never Changes”, it says that His love rescues us from the darkest nights, stating that in those times when we feel alone like God isn’t there, He IS still there. It says ”Your grace, it covers us and it gives us sight.” This is stating that God’s grace literally “covers” us and gives us sight to see that He is still there and will always be there to love us.

So next time we sing this song together, remember that God never leaves, never fails, never sleeps, never ends, and He NEVER changes!

I love you church! God bless you all

-Taylor Trickle
Worship Arts Director

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