Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Eight Qualities of Growing Churches Part 3

Church consultants Brown Church Development Group (BCDG) highlighted eight areas that healthy churches are growing in. Celebration ranked extremely high in all eight areas. This week so far we have looked at:   
Empowering Leadership, Gift Oriented Ministry, Passionate Spirituality and Effective Structures. 

Today we will focus on Inspiring Worship and Holistic Small Groups.
Worship services are to be personal and corporate encounters with the living God and must be reflective of God’s Spirit moving in the midst of it. I have long believed that if we  as a church body are worshipping as the scriptures instruct us to “in Spirit and in truth” then our worship services should  be infused with a balance of celebration, inspiration and preparation for daily life.

Growing churches have a developed system of small groups where individual Christians can find intimate community, practical help and authentic spiritual dialogue. I have long quoted Rick Warren who says in order for our church  to grow larger, it must grow smaller. Larger worship attendance comes because people are well connected in smaller groups.  I want to encourage everyone reading this to make a commitment to get involved in some kind of C3 small group.  

Tomorrow we will conclude the findings of Brown’s Growth Positioning Study by looking at Need-Oriented Evangelism and Loving Relationships.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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