Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Eight Qualities of Growing Churches Part 1

Last Sunday Todd Brown of Brown Church Development Group (BCDG) shared with C3’s Staff, Directors and Ministry leaders the results of their surveying our congregation about our “church health” and coming up with a Growth Positioning Study to asses our strengths and weaknesses.  The GPS is a snapshot in time that captures our ministry as it occurs today and our vision of a clear and compelling future. As I said yesterday BCDG was most impressed with our overall health in the eight qualities necessary for a church to grow to its potential. Today we will look at the first two of eight areas.
1.     Empowering Leadership-  I have always believed that leadership always starts with a clear cut call from God and then the Spiritual maturity to multiply, guide, empower and equip others to fulfill their purpose in Christ and working together within the church to accomplish God’s vision. We scored high in this area because we have always prided ourselves on being permission giving when it comes to ministry ideas and by motivating ministry leaders with the freedom from micromanagement. 
2.    Gift Oriented Ministry- The Holy Spirit gives to each believer spiritual gifts. The role of church leadership is to help our members identify their gifts and to encourage them to exercise those gifts in a ministry that builds up the body of Christ. In doing so we are not operating on our own power but rather aligning ourselves with what God wants us to be and do.

Want to know how you can discover your spiritual gift to help serve your church?
Tomorrow we will look at how are church rates itself as it comes to Spirituality and Structure.

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