Thursday, July 17, 2014

Men's Mission Trip

 Guest Post From Pastor Derek Mayfield

Hey Church Family!

It is an awesome day!  Today 30+ men will be traveling to Baxter Springs, KS for a mission trip.  We will be helping turn an old warehouse building into a temporary housing structure, repairing a church roof that was damaged during a May tornado and whatever other odds-n-ends are needed.  It will be an awesome opportunity to reach out and serve, but also for the men on the trip to grow closer to each other and closer to Christ.  I have no doubt that this will be a weekend that changes many lives!

This trip holds a special place in my heart as this will be my fourth trip to Baxter Springs to work with Word In Action Ministries.  The past three spring breaks, I have lead our youth ministry on mission trips to Baxter Springs.  I have seen our high school students and youth leaders transform this place.  We have got more done in eight days over three years than the ministry has in the other 10 years that it has existed combined.  They simply just don’t get a lot of help.  I always envisioned more than just our youth ministry being involved in Baxter Springs and today that happens!  I’m so excited for the men of our church to experience what our youth have the past couple years.  God is doing some incredible work through Word In Action in Baxter Springs and it’s an honor for our church to partner with them!

I would like to ask you to pray for this trip.  Pray for God to keep everyone safe during the construction and work that will be happening.  Pray for safe travel there and back.  Pray for God to open hearts of people in Baxter Springs as well as the men on this trip.  Pray for Pastor Steve and the people of Word In Action Ministries.

Make sure you find a man that went on this trip so they can tell you about it, I know they will be more than willing to share about what they experience this weekend!

Pastor Derek

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