Friday, October 10, 2014

We Can't Stay Here

Of the estimated 2,000,000 Israelites who made the exodus from slavery in Egypt, only TWO made it across the Jordan river into Canaan the promised land. As soon as the Israelites reached the river’s edge at Kadesh-Barnea, they sent twelve spies out to survey the land God had promised to give them. The land of Canaan was everything God said it would be; a land flowing with milk and honey.  

But there was a problem. The inhabitants were powerful, some of them giant-like, and the towns were well fortified with trained armies and weaponry. Ten of the twelve spies agreed it would be impossible to conquer the land. Only Joshua and Caleb believed God would honor His promise and give the land into their hands. But they were outvoted and the Israelites gave up before they even started. They stayed where they were at in Kadesh Barnea.
This Sunday at the Celebration we are starting a new message series called , “We Can’t Stay Here” “If we want to move on to promised land living, we can’t stay where we are at. We have to start doing things differently.  We have to stop talking ourselves out of the good God has for us–because we’re too busy, or afraid, or feel inadequate, or lazy or too complacent where we are.
What are you waiting for? God has equipped you with everything you need to enjoy the milk and honey life He has prepared for you.
This Sunday: Saved People Serve People… Don’t miss this kick off message.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
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Saturday, November 15th 6:30pm
Discount Tickets go on sale THIS Sunday at C3.
Great Food---Great Music---Great Fun--- all for the GREATEST cause…
”Whatever you do for the least of these…you do for me” Matthew 25:40

* Children’s Ministry Director DeLynn Rice is looking for some administrative office help for a couple of hours during the week. Want to serve? Contact

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