Sunday, October 4, 2015

Forward Faith Sunday

Sunday October 4, 2015

Dear Celebration Family,

This daily devotional is designed especially for your use during C3’s “Forward Faith” campaign. The subjects for each week parallel the subject of the messages our teaching Pastors will be sharing each Sunday as we look at some of the “heroes of the faith” found in the 11th chapter in Hebrews.   
I am convinced that the next seven weeks will be a time of incredible spiritual growth for us as individuals and as a church.  When we begin to pray and study and give and sacrifice, we will grow.  This daily devotional blog can be an important part of that opportunity for spiritual maturity in each of our lives.  We want God’s word to be at the center of our faith and prayer.  We want God’s direction to be the single motivation for our gifts and sacrifices.  These devotions will help you as an individual or as a family, to personally discover God’s direction in His word.

On most days I will include family discussion questions and on some days children’s activities.  You’ll find that the discussion questions are designed for older elementary and above.  If you’re doing this devotion by yourself you can use these as points to ponder.  I encourage you to jot down your thoughts in a notebook.  The activities are for younger elementary down to preschool age.  The best way to be consistent in these devotions is to find the same time every day to do them. I suggest at the dinner table or right before breakfast or at bedtime.   

I look forward with faith to see what God is going to do in you and through between now and when we gather at our Thanksgiving services. 

Your pastor and partner in ministry, 


(Pastor Kyle)

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