Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pray About Everything

Forward Faith

Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Philippians 4:6 (NLT) 
I remember sometime back I needed to make a decision that I had been putting off for a while. I was beginning to worry and it was becoming a burden to me and I did not know what to do. I asked advice from others. They gave me sound, reasonable, good advice. But I still didn’t feel at peace. I asked Pastor Brant Rice his opinion and he said, “Kyle if I were in a similar situation, the question you would have asked me was, ‘Have you prayed about it?’”
How could I have missed that one? Here I had just having just come out of a 40 days of Prayer focus and of all people had forgotten prayer should be my first option when faced with a decision. I spent an hour in the C3 Prayer Room and after that I knew what course of action to take and I experienced immediate peace from God.
The Apostle Paul reminds us to “worry about nothing…pray about everything.
Imagine never being “anxious about anything”! It seems like impossibility—we all have worries on the job, in our homes, at school. But Paul’s advice is to turn our worries into prayers. Do you want to worry less? Then pray more! Whenever you start to worry, stop and pray.
Do you have decisions to make? Whether they be small ones or large ones like what to commit to the Forward Faith campaign. Here is my advice to you. Pray and ask this question, “God, What do you want to do through me?” Then quietly listen to that still small voice inside and trust that wherever God guides, God will provide. 
The next few weeks at Celebration will be more about Faith-Raising than Fund Raising so come and grow in faith and love!
Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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