Monday, June 22, 2015

A Godly Father or Mother

There are many titles of responsibility I carry in this life. “President” of C3 & VCA boards, “Pastor,” Husband, “Father”, “Coach” or “Big Guy” (that’s what Debbie calls me). A title I have been hearing regularly for the last couple of weeks has been very important to me… “PapPaw” It’s what my grandkids call me. Raising children is the most formidable role we have in life and there is no more important task we have been given by God than to help raise godly children.  It is a job too difficult to do alone which is why ideally God gives us a mate to help.  More importantly, God has also given us in His word and through His Spirit the power to accomplish this awesome responsibility.
As Father’s Day has come and gone let us not forget that to be a godly father or mother for that matter, we must strive to have a close personal relationship with God so that we in turn can have those kind of relationships with others. The Bible teaches that our heavenly Father has loving affection toward His children.
In Romans 8:15 and Galatians 4:6 we are told we can cry out to our heavenly Father with the words, "Abba! Father!" This title for God is like a small child calling his father "daddy" or "papa." It denotes warm-heartedness and fondness that is indicative of a tight-knit relationship. A godly father or mother realizes that a tender loving relationship is one of the important God-like character traits in our relationship with our children.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
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