Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hays Victory Christian Academy OPEN HOUSE TONIGHT 6:30pm

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Throughout this week we have been looking at the advantages to the value of a Christian education.
1. You are accountable to God for what your children are taught. 2. Christian schools offer a better level of instruction.
3. Children grow spiritually stronger Christian environment.
4. Christian schools take wisdom from the Bible. 5. Educators teach all subject matter from a Christian context.
6. Christian schools support the family as the number one institution of society.
7.  Christian school educators maintain discipline in the classroom and on the playground. 
I truly believe that our children are gifts of the Lord and we are responsible to train them according to His Word not only at home and in church, but in school as well.  More and more parents, especially Christian parents, are coming to the conclusion that secular public education and most of its teachers, principals and curriculum no longer represent their personal parental views.  These parents are exercising their freedom of choice and sending their children to Christian schools.   
At Victory Christian Academy, Celebration’s Pre-School and Elementary learning center, our teachers strive to provide the very best education your child can receive; all while doing it in a loving Christian environment.  
Come find out more about Victory Christian Academy at our OPEN HOUSE TONIGHT (Tuesday) June 2nd at 6:30pm
Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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