Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Isolated From The Herd

When lions hunt zebras, they look for the ones who are isolated from the herd – often the sick or young ones. As soon as the lion sees a zebra that’s become isolated, it attacks. It’s the same way with people. Some people are particularly prone to isolating themselves and trying to do things on their own allowing Satan to work in their lives. One of the purposes of a healthy church is to connect people in fellowship. In small groups, men and women realize that they are not alone and don’t need to try to live life on their own; they find a place to share their struggles without judgment and to learn from each other.
For men and women to be all they were created by God to be, they need to connect with a team of other like-minded people with shared values and purpose.
Your pastor and partner in ministry,
Break Out YOCO 2015
June 26-27
Host homes and donations still needed.

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