Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fun and Nourishing Meals

My wife Debbie and I are going to spending the better part of next week and the one after that enjoying the company of our four grandkids from Atlanta Georgia. We look forward to playing with, reading to, singing along with, and feeding these miniature gifts from God. God has entrusted us all with children for the purpose of growing them up in the knowledge and love of His Son Jesus Christ.

Debbie is busy planning menus that will be fun and nourishing. I got to thinking that the same thing goes for Christians. If we are well nourished we will be healthy and we will yearn to grow even more. When our kids are babies their need for milk is a natural instinct. For a baby it signals the desire for nourishment that will lead to growth. Once we see our need for God's Word and begin to find nourishment in Christ, our spiritual appetite will increase, and we will start to mature.

1 Peter 2:2 says “Like newborn babies crave spiritual milk so by it you may grow up in your salvation.”

At Celebration Community Church we want to nourish all children and adults with healthy Biblical, spiritual food. This is the motivation behind our Go-Fish Children’s Ministry Kids Camp. Each year DeLynn Rice and her Children’s Ministry volunteers feed a couple dozen kids the spiritual milk that is vital to their growth.

Please pray that over the next couple of days that DeLynn and her crew will impart to the kids gathered that daily servings of worship, praise, learning God’s word while being seasoned with loving and fun will help grow these kids in body mind and spirit.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,

Hope and Anchor
Please plan to join us for our summer ladies brunch!
The brunch will be potluck.
Sat., June 13; 10 am – 12 pm; Celebration Community Church

You may RSVP by selecting "going" in the Facebook event page or email us at

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