Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a problem most of us didn’t think about 10 years ago. Today it is common to hear the stories of victims who are trying to salvage their name and credit rating after learning that someone has stolen and misused a password, social security number, or charge card. None of us can escape t.v. commercials and telemarketers who inundate us with fear producing fraud protection offers. Being alert and knowing the danger of identity fraud helps us think twice before giving personal information that could permit others access to our bank account.
I got to thinking about this from a Spiritual perspective. When we identify ourselves as children of God and even more when we let it be known that we are followers of Jesus, we assume the identity of Christ.  His credit rating gets mingled with our own. Our faithfulness and fruitfulness reflect to others His character. God Himself takes a risk with His identity whenever He allows us to use His name. But He must believe we are worth it. Protect God’s identity, live life today with integrity, humility and love.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,


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